Place an Order

You can place an order through the mFood app and pick it up from the vendor.

To place an order:

You can place an order from a vendor that accepts online orders and that is tracking live.

Payment methods accepted through mFood are Credit Cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Android Pay.

  1. Tap on the tab bar and sign in.
  2. Locate the vendor, then tap the vendor to display the info window.
  3. Tap the info window to display the details, then tap Menu. The Quantity and Instruction fields are visible on the menu if the vendor is accepting orders.
  4. Enter a quantity for the item you want to order and include any special instructions, then tap to add it to the cart. The number of items ordered appears on the top, to the right of the shopping cart, and the quantity field for the item added to the cart is now blank. Repeat this step to add any additional items.
  5. Tap at the top to check out.
  6. Review the items in your Shopping Cart for accuracy:

    • Tap to remove any items.
    • To add additional items, tap < Menu to return to the menu.
  7. Tap Pay! to make a payment.
  8. Select a payment method and complete the steps to pay and place your order. A receipt displays with your order details.

You will receive a notification when the vendor views your order and another notification when the vendor fulfills your order. You can view your order history in User Info .