Map View

About the map

Use the map to view mobile food vendors near you, change locations, pin a location, zoom, filter by cuisine or vendor status, or spin the Meal Wheel™.

To go to map view:

  • Tap Close By on the tab bar.
  • If you are in the Vendor List view, tap the folded map on the navigation bar.

Vendors visible in map view:

Mobile food vendors in the mFood app can be trucks , carts , tents , trailers , buses , or corrals .

  •   Red vendor icons indicate tracking by schedule.
  •   Green vendor icons indicate live tracking.
  • Tap a vendor icon to display the vendor info window. Tap the info window to view the vendor details.

The map has horizontal bars on the top and bottom of the screen and a map tools button that can be brought into view or sent out of view:

  • Tap the map once to hide or reveal the map bars and map tools button.
  • Tap map tools to reveal the vendor list , dropped pin , Meal Wheel™ , and location arrow .
  • The mFood bar on the top of the map provides options to Go to a location , adjust filter and zoom settings , and access the About mFood view .
  • The tab bar on the bottom of the map provides access to search and to user information .

Zoom, pan, or rotate the map

The mFood map gestures function just like Google maps.

To scroll (pan):

  • Tap and drag to scroll (pan) around the map.

To zoom in or out:

  • Two finger pinch/stretch to zoom out/in.
  • Double tap to zoom in, two finger tap to zoom out.

To change the zoom level:

  1. Tap filter on the mFood bar.
  2. Tap, drag, and release the slider to adjust the zoom level.
  3. Tap outside of the filter dialog to return to map view.

To rotate the map:

  1. Place two fingers on the map and rotate to change the directional orientation of the map. This gesture will cause the directional indicator to appear. To orient the map due north, tap the directional indicator .
  2. You can also pinch-in or pinch-out to zoom while rotating the map.

Go to a location

To go to a location:

  1. Tap the compass on the mFood bar.
  2. Enter the Address, City, State, place-name or point of interest in the Go To field.
  3. Tap the location in the search results. mFood will display mobile food vendors near the location.

To go to your current location:

  1. Tap map tools .
  2. Tap the location arrow .

For more advanced location and search features, see Search.

Pin a location

mFood provides one dropped pin that you can use to mark a location.

To drop the pin on a new location:

  1. Tap the location and hold until the dropped pin appears.

To move the dropped pin to a new location:

  1. Tap and hold in the new location.
  2. In the pin dialog, tap Move.

To go to the dropped pin location:

  1. Tap map tools , then tap .

To delete the pin:

  1. Tap and hold the dropped pin .
  2. Tap the pin dialog, then tap Delete.

Filter by cuisine or status

You can filter vendors visible in the map by cuisine or status.

To filter vendors by cuisine:

  1. Tap filter on the mFood bar.
  2. Under Filter By, tap Cuisine:

    A red checkmark indicates that the cuisine type is selected.

    • Tap All to select all available cuisine types for vendors visible in map view.
    • Tap None to deselect all cuisine types.
    • Tap individual cuisine types to select or deselect.
  3. To return to map view, tap outside of the filter dialog or tap < Back.

Cuisine filter settings stay the same when the map view changes, and additional cuisine types become available when new vendors appear on the map.

To filter vendors by status:

  1. Tap filter on the mFood bar.
  2. Under Filter By, tap Status.
  3. Select Live, Scheduled, or both:

    A red checkmark indicates that the status type is selected.

    • Live – displays green icons for vendors tracking live.
    • Scheduled – displays red icons for vendors tracking by schedule.
  4. To return to map view, tap outside of the filter dialog or tap < Back.

Spin the Meal Wheel™

Can’t decide on what to eat? Spin the Meal Wheel™ and let mFood make a selection from the visible food vendors.

To spin the Meal Wheel™:

  1. In map view, tap map tools . The Meal Wheel™ appears if two or more vendors are visible.
  2. Tap to spin the Meal Wheel™.
  3. mFood will shuffle through the available vendors and make a random selection for you.
  4. Tap the vendor info window to view the details.